Le Monde selon Victoire

Le Mopnde selon Victoire crafts luxury hotel experiences and life-changing journeys.

The ultimate Travel Advisor since 2013, specialized in Luxury Hotels as well as Health, Wellness & Conscious Travel.


  • Unlimited access to our expertise in luxury hotels

  • Destination advisory

  • Hotel curation and recommendations

  • Direct bookings between customers and hotels

  • VIP welcome and exclusive amenities at partner hotels


  • Market research & consulting: 200€ / hr or 1200€ / day

  • Itinerary summary: 200€

  • Detailed itinerary: 100€ x number of days of the trip

  • Airport greeting service: 200€

  • 24/7 access to our online search engine: 30€ / year


We are luxury hotels experts. Therefore we do not manage:

  • Flights and cruises

  • Travel packages

  • Restaurant bookings

However we interface with the teams of AirFrance’s La Première, private jet operators, and your hotels’ concierges

Our hotel partners

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Leisure membership

Our unparalleled expertise in luxury hotels and high-end travel, at the service of always-perfect family week-ends, getaways and holidays.1 200€ / year

Business membership

Le Monde selon Victoire, for business travel: assisting elites worldwide, ensuring every hotel stay feels nearly as nice as home.3 000€ / year

What sets us apart

In an industry where few outsiders find their way, Le Monde selon Victoire started from scratch and reached the stars ; then was forced to stop everything ; before rising again.Each cycle deepens our perspectives and reinforces the strength of our partnerships. Our customers and suppliers are our partners, and an essential key to our success. We truly and deeply care for them - and they know we care.With our obsession for perfection, we can only work with a small number of highly trusted partners, with deep and authentic connexions, and long-lasting relationships.

From hotels to wellness

Le Monde selon Victoire was founded by Victoire Spoerry as a boutique travel advisor for fashion icons. It became notorious for its unparalleled network among luxury hotels, making miracles for clients expecting ultimate attention to details.Behind the scenes, Victoire’s personal journey was marked by brutal health challenges. Her life was miraculously saved - a rebirth to tune in to deeper dimensions. As a give back, Victoire went on to create Le Domaine de Sirius, where visitors change their life for good.Naturally, in addition to luxury hotels, Le Monde selon Victoire helps interested clients to find their way into the complex universe of health and wellness cliniques, conscious or spiritual travel, shamanic and traditional medicine programs, etc.

Serenity Ways

Serenity Ways is the latest offering of Le Monde selon Victoire: a platform dedicated to the best wellbeing retreats in the world:

  • The fastest way to compare the best wellness hotels.

  • The simplest way to assess your wellbeing.

  • The most exclusive benefits for your health & wellness stays.

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